Content Marketing

Drive more traffic to your online business with content marketing.

Content marketing is changing the way businesses do sales. For creating leads and opportunities, businesses are slowly moving away from conventional marketing and sales to content or inbound marketing.

We help companies grow business with content marketing.

For content marketing to work, you need quality content. With quality, it should also be something that your potential customers search, consume and share on digital.

We produce, publish, distribute and advertise content that delivers real value to visitors and establishes your business as an expert in your niche. By consistently publishing high quality content, we bring potential customers close to your business. Content that delivers value is what people crave.

As a content marketing agency in the Philippines, we help brands with

Content research and strategy,
Content production,
Optimizing company’s site for SEO performance,
digital asset management,
Promoting content with paid advertising and
Measuring results.

We help you achieve business results with content marketing services.

Here is how we do it.

1. Research and strategy

Here we research your business, your customers and the value your business delivers. This phase uncovers buyer personas, their challenges and digital touch points on search engines and social media.

2. Content production

Your content marketing campaign could use content in many formats. Videos, info-graphics, case studies and standard blog posts are a few popular formats in which people consume content on digital. Now that we are clear on who your customers are, what their challenges are and how your business helps them solve problems, we start producing content that when consumed

delivers real value to visitors

establishes you as an expert

motivates the visitor to take a desired action

3. Optimizing the site for search performance

All content we produce is search friendly. Producing and publishing content is the first step. But how do we make sure that the content gets traction. One way could be to advertise it using paid advertising (will come to this soon). Another could be to produce it in such a way that it gets found naturally in search engines when people search for it.

But for this to work the site needs to be SEO friendly. That is exactly what we do. We work on the site to optimize it for SEO. Without this content marketing will only work when we keep promoting content using paid channels. But what you need is a self sustaining content marketing ecosystem. For that a search friendly site is a must.

4. Digital asset management

We manage digital assets for you. Adding functionalities to your site, publishing blogs and managing social channels are just a few things that we offer. For content marketing success its important that your site and social channels reflect credibility. We take care of that.

5. Promoting content

Waiting for your content to get found in search engines is one way to get exposure. But how about promoting it with paid advertising? With promising tools like search ads, display advertising, YouTube advertising, and more, you can instantly amplify content to reach your niche on a global scale.

6. Measuring results

All content we produce contributes to business goals. Be it calls, email subscriptions, positioning or even capturing leads, the performance of the campaign is measured and reported to you. With smart insights into content, search and advertising performance different parts of the content marketing campaign are optimized over time for better results.

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